Indian Artist in Paintings Working on Cultural Imagination.

As an Indian artist, you know that painting is a form of expression that allows you to communicate your innermost thoughts and emotions in a tangible way.

To say that painting is expression and expression is art. Discover new ways to express your inner thoughts in colors and brush strokes. Order any customized paintings to bring life to your home, studio, or office space, and let your inner self come out in shades and hues.
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Recent Exhibitions

World Art Dubai Fair – Dubai

  • March 2023


Princess Taghrid Institute – Jordan

  • February 2023

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Kalra Kushi

Google Review

Very beautiful paintings. The combination of colours put into the paintings are very eye catching n appealing. She is a very kind hearted lady n hardworking. Also, she tries to portray the reality through her paintings in a colourful manner.