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Artist Shikha is a freelance Indian Contempraroy Artist work in Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. Artist Shikha experimenting hugely on figurative and abstract painting in her works. Artist Shikha Agnihotri brands the on-looker merely affectionate at his paintings as they represent a marvellous illusion of form, color and painting. She has the influence to make simple entities to turn into spiritual elements. The artist had incredible talent and skill in shading which styles her work look like a never ending chasm. Shikha uses a brush, roller and a palette knife, to thoroughly stimulus and mix different mediums on the canvas. Her art work appears to inspirational with each element vanishing in some other form. Her abstract paintings with their articulate beams of light induce obscured depths. Artist Shikha’s work appears to release a meditative charm with great planar surfaces and refined layers of paint on the canvas. Her paintings have a quality of light that appears to be complete in it.


  • Upcoming ShowGroup Exhibition at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, New Delhi........ 16th Oct to 24th Oct 2018
  • Solo ShowICCR, Lalit Kala Academy, Arpana Art Gallery.........
  • Group ShowLalit Kala Academy, Lokayata Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre ........
  • Interviews & PressWomen's Era, India News, Alive Magazine......

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